Delete my Facebook??

Yesterday, my dad called me and the first words out of his mouth were ‘how do I delete my Facebook?’ I chuckled because I thought he was joking, at first.  Then he continued “I heard something on Talk Radio this morning, that Facebook knows everything about you and they follow you all over the web.” He felt like Big Brother was watching over his shoulder, and I started thinking about his concerns. I mean how much are we really putting out there to be concerned about? What are they doing with this information? And how does it affect us?

I've actually been thinking about the notion that I want marketers to know me better.

The other day I was in the supermarket and after I checked-out, a bunch of coupons printed out - I quickly looked through them and left all of them there!

There was one for Milk, I'm dairy free and haven't purchased a single dairy product there, ever.  Another was for breakfast links, literally all I could say is "What??" The list goes on..

I've been shopping there for how long and they still didn't know me?? As a marketer, it was a bit concerning because I use my loyalty card so they could know me better.

Instead, they basically showed me that I was wasting my time every-time I swiped it.

So I started thinking about the pros and cons of Marketers knowing more about us. It seems inevitable that we're going to be continuously marketed to, so I decided that I would prefer if they knew me better to offer things I could actually use or need.

Isn't it better to connect with Brands and Products when I want them instead of irrelevant ones to my lifestyle??

no facebook.jpg